Bagfra innovates, develops and produces non-stick coatings and material for the bakery and restaurant industry.

Bagfra's activities are concentrated on the development and application of non-stick coatings using technology products such as PTFE,PFA,FEP.

These products can be applied on aluminium,steel, stainless stell, steel alloy ,fiberglass,...

Bagfra has created a distinct profile for itself : the specialist of non-stick coatings for food and non-food sector.


Our Catalogue
Aluminium baguette baking trays
Baking trays for automated line
Aluminized steel flat baking trays
Aluminium baking trays
Stainless steel wire racks and trays
Non-Stick baking sheet
Pie moulds
Bread pans & straps
Stainless steel trolleys
Cleaning and re-coating
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